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 1. Intro 2. Hotline to the Ancestors 3. Global Villagers 4. Endangered Words 5. Singing Legends 6. The Tune 7. Extreme Singing 8. First get a Goat 9. Roots and Branches 10. Digital Gothic 11. Living in the Mainstream

About the Pure Drop

The Pure Drop is an exploration and celebration of traditional and World Music. This website brings you musical performances from all over the global village, and explores the stories behind the music of multicultural Australia. The stories are presented in eleven episodes that combine short video documentary with interactivity.

Each episode focusses on one artist and one aspect of the music such as the vocal style and technique, instrumentation, lyrics , the tune or the passing down of musical traditions. The Pure Drop also explores the cultural context of the music, and issues arising from globalisation and the impact of digital technology.

By following links associated with the featured video in any Pure Drop episode, you can access additional material about the artist or topics featured in the video. These include extended interviews or performances, maps, transcripts, lyrics and musical notations and much more. Each episodes is also accompanied by a study guides with links to curricula used in secondary schools throughout Australia.

The Pure Drop was produced by Ether Multimedia and jointly funded and supported by the Australian Film Commission, Telstra and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation under the the Australian Government's Broadband Production Initiative.

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Yvonne and (late) Gustav Spielman, The Waltons, Alan Bearman (Waterson:Carthy), Buzby Burchill, David Van der Kley, Martien Coucke, Rani Olafsdottir (Icelandic translations), Tina Tampio, (Kalevala Information Centre), Janne Seppänen (translator in Finland), Karl Mattas (Finnish translations), Roger Grierson, Mushi Jenner (Sincere Management), John - The Harp Hotel - Tempe, John Frohlich and Richard Saunders (Canberra Institute of Technology), Jan Nary - Publicist at the National Folk Festival, Rebecca Ternes (Flight Centre), Terry O’Brien (Jim Moray), Phillip Page (Värttinä), Rúnar Sigurdsson - Eric the Red Guesthouse, Hans Hjorth (Garmana), Alan James (Yothu Yindi), Jack Schuller and Jill Brooksbank (Tanya Tagaq), Andy Irvine, Xenos, Richard Robinson, Mr. Malaska, Mara Kiek and the Martenitsa Choir, Lúnasa, Jepokryddonna, Gráda, Huun-Huur-Tu, Emily Smith Band, Felpeyu and Garry at American Express Travel.


The Pure Drop is dedicated to the memory of Igor Medio and Carlos Redondo of Asturian band, Felpeyu. Two brilliant and inspired musicians who are gone but not forgotten.